Supply management

 With piste preparation.

 Wildlife Conservation.


 Skier collision prevention.

 Open and close.

 Growth market

 Corona compatible.

 Suitable for mass sports.

 From 2026 Olympic discipline!

 Piste tours are already a trend sport in nearby countries.

 Additional offers for huts and areas

 More guests at off-peak times.

 New target audience.

 Bad weather programme.

 Pooling of resources.

 Concentration on fixed dates.

 Additional restaurant offers.


 Walkable without alpine knowledge.

 For ski tourers free of charge and without registration.

 Ideally signalled in the terrain. On-site advice possible..

 Offer locally coordinated and anchored.

 Marketing platform

 Supra-regional offer information.

 Supported by industry partners. e.g. Colltex Skifelle, Bächli Bergsport, ....

 Expandable with games (e.g. Hut Trophy) and additional functions (e.g. Strava integration).

 Beginners - amateur athletes - endurance athletes - alpine ski tourers - competitive athletes.


 Simple CMS system.

 Daily and hourly access times.

 Modern, smartphone-compatible, interactive website with maps, GPS data, PDF info sheet for each tour.

 Connection to your piste guidance system (APG, Sisag, ...) possible..

 Integration of hosts along the route.


Please contact us if you would like to support us.

 Tour entries can be entered free of charge.

 Introductory offer: We record your tours for free. In the future, the recording by us will cost CHF 100 per tour (each tour can continue to be recorded free of charge in the future).

 You can start immediately: register on this page and then enter your tours directly. Alternatively, we can take care of entering your tours (still free of charge) - just contact us

 About us

We are a small group of ski touring enthusiasts and would like to help - especially in these difficult times - to create a coordinated additional offer in ski resorts as well as to make ski touring known to the public.